Why Not Travel Further With Your Career

2017-08-16 19:53:28 1 Comments

Working in the stylist industry is exciting, dynamic and potentially very rewarding - however, it does require self promotion to get ahead. This means taking a strategic approach to putting yourself in front of the right people, and showcasing what you do so brilliantly.

Your portfolio

Hairdressing is such a creative and visual medium that it helps to have a strong portfolio featuring beautiful images of styles that you have created. This will help you to land the perfect stylist job, as you will immediately be able to demonstrate your abilities. Learn how to take a great photo, edit images with manipulation software to present them as accurately as possible, and create a print and online portfolio to share with potential employers and clients.

Social media

For the ultimate in current employment self-promotion, social media is key. Set up a page on Facebook, get a feed on Instagram and create an account on Twitter. LinkedIn can also be useful for networking. Share images, useful content, examples of work you have done, hair styling guides and so forth to build engagement. Get happy customers to leave reviews and build up your reputation - you could do free styling or mobile styling to build up experience and reviews whilst you seek your permanent role.

A website

Many stylists will also have a basic website to showcase their best work, explain what they do and share rates and useful contact information. You can create this simply in a template site such as Wordpress, or hire someone to do it for you.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

It is essential to continue investing in your skills and experience as you progress in your career. Take courses and gain qualifications in all styling areas that interest you, from creative work through to colouring, barbering and more specialist areas such as hair treatments, extensions and so forth. Always stay one step ahead by committing to your own development.


The hair styling industry is naturally sociable and based on contacts, so attend industry events, recruitment days, networking events and other opportunities to network face to face with potential employers. Go armed with a business card that bears details of your online portfolio and digital channels, have your sales pitch ready, and make sure you present yourself fantastically well - as their next ideal hire!