Hairdresser CVs - What Should You Include?

2017-08-26 19:53:28 2 Comments

Whether you’ve just qualified as a hairdresser or you’re looking for a change of job, your CV is very important for your career. Unlike other types of industry that rely on problem- solving and other skills demonstrated during an application, your hairdresser CV will serve as a reflection of your skills, experience and creativity and will need to be spot-on to help you get the job you want. Using some top tips to help you get started, you can make sure your CV stands out from the rest.

A personal statement

A personal statement shows much more than your skills and experience, it helps employers to find out what kind of person you are. A salon needs to have a good atmosphere that is lively and welcoming to clients, and showing that you have an outgoing personality and willingness to be part of the team will help you to stand out. Make sure your personal statement sits on top of your CV to give prospective employers a good impression from the beginning.

Details of your education

Knowing where and when you trained is beneficial for employers to help them see that you’re a genuine applicant, as well as identify if you’d require any further training. Being fresh out of college or school is no bad thing, and in lieu of listing various awards and accolades you could instead list some of your successes during your education.

Your skills and experience

This is where you really get to show off your skills. Make sure you include details of all the training you’ve received beyond your basic education, where you’ve worked and what your achievements were during your time in different jobs. In many cases, employers will be more impressed by the achievements you’ve made and experience you’ve gained over how prestigious the salon was or how long you worked there. Don’t leave any gaps in your CV and if there are periods where you were out of work (for whatever reason), be prepared to answer questions about it.

Your Objectives

When it comes to a career in hairdressing, it’s good to have some objectives. Listing them on your CV will help employers to understand what it is you’re hoping to get by working for them and gives them an idea of how passionate you are about your job. Your objectives can be anything from becoming a wedding hair stylist to wanting to enter competitions. At the end of the day it’s your career and if you’re serious about it, it doesn’t hurt to have some goals to work towards.

Some top tips to consider for hairdresser CVs

  • - Be creative. Hairdressing is a creative profession and your CV should show off your work. Don’t opt for a plain, word-processed CV - add some colour and life to it. You can download some great examples here.

  • - Include a header of some of your work or a larger portrait on the back, this will help to show the kinds of things you can deliver and will be impressive to employers.

  • - Have a website. You can set up your own website easily that showcases your work. If you’re creative with photo and video you can really show off your creativity here. An Instagram account populated with photos of your work is another way you can get yourself seen amongst the pile of hairdresser CVs from others with similar skills and experience.

  • - If writing a CV is daunting to you, ask advice from a friend or relative who will be glad to give you some tips.

A strong CV will help you stand out from the crowd, so make sure you review yours regularly and keep showing off your skills and experience as a top professional hairdresser.